Hello! My name is Myron Mielke, editor and publisher of I’m a Bodybuilder magazine. I’ve been under the influence of the iron bug for a respectable number of years and publishing my own muscle magazine has been a lifelong dream. I’m A Bodybuilder will be a refreshing change of pace from the other muscle mags. It’s going to be for bodybuilders of all ages. If you’re a teenager, it’ll steer you down the correct path. If you’re approaching the masters division you’re going to love some of the nostalgic things I’m bringing back from muscle mags in the early 1980s.

Time for a change

You might wonder why it’s been so long since I’ve posted a new issue. Well, the answer is simple. I’ve been busy. I work full time as a graphic designer and I’ve increased the amount of articles I write for Bodybuilding.com. I’m also a husband and a dad and I know my priorities are always with them. It’s not easy finding the time (or energy to sit in front of a computer any more than I have to) to design a magazine with fresh content along with an attractive and easy-to-read format.

I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback over the years and some negative feedback also. (One guy chastised me for having too many typos in one of my first issues. Anyone else who was bothered by that, I apologize to you.)

I still have the same passion for the sport, and in order to keep this site alive, I made a decision to succumb to the rest of the internet world and post my articles as web pages instead of downloadable PDFs. It’ll be much easier to squeeze in time to post an article here and there with a couple photos in it than to layout an entire magazine and upload it.

So the bottom line is, in order to get more solid training and diet information and tips to you guys more often, I’m changing the format of the site.

Or in other words, I’m baaack!

Myron Mielke